Killer T by Robert Muchamore

Killer T is a stand-alone novel by Muchamore, set in the near future, and although I have read some of the CHERUB series I hadn’t read anything of his in a while and was excited to read this book. 
Killer T is a synthetic virus that has been used by terrorists as a weapon resulting in a major change in civilisation. Society has broken down, with many people being effected by Killer T or gene editing, which has become the society norm. 
The book opens with a bomb going off in high school, which is the point we meet Harry and Charlie- the main characters in the book. Running alongside the action and drama there is their love story. The story spans over 10 years and is split into 6 sections. The length of the gap in the timeline between sections are shown as chapter headings and initially, I really liked the time jump between the sections as I thought it allowed the story to fast forward over anything tedious. However, after awhile, I found it disconcerting and stopped the full development of the plot and characters.  
 I thought the first half of the book was brilliant – really exciting, original and compelling. I just wanted to carry on reading the book regardless of what I should have been doing! For me, however, the second half of the book just fizzled out. It lacked the excitement and suspense of the first half.