The Vanished Bride by Bella Ellis

Vanished Bride smallGood Morning, from a very hot and sticky Kent! I have just finished reading ‘The Vanished Bride’ by Bella Ellis – a historical mystery set in Yorkshire in 1845. It is the first of The Bronte Mysteries, and there are references to the sisters scattered throughout the book, including a guest appearance of their brother, Branwell.

The book opens in a blood soaked room with a missing occupant – Elizabeth Chester. The sisters hurry over to investigate, having heard of the situation from their friend, Mattie, who works at the house.  Mattie adds background information on the residents as well as briefly coming under suspicion of the murder itself. She hints at the husbands violent temper and as the sisters learn more about Chester’s background, the case against him builds.

This is a twisty mystery and every time I thought I had the ‘murderer’ nailed, something else popped up to throw me off course. I had suspected everyone by the middle of the book!

I loved the relationship between the sisters; the childish fights, the one-upmanship but also the confidence they had in playing to each others strengths and their companionship.

This was a feel good cozy mystery with literary references scattered throughout and I would highly recommend it as a holiday read. Fingers crossed for more in the series….


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Secondary school librarian at Mascalls Academy, Kent

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